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Leadership and Personal Development

Greater Boston Area, MA

(781) 715-7729

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- Getting to "the next level"

- Removing barriers to growth

- Moving beyond "blind spots"


How successful fo you feel in your your life?

Could you use help to move




I help you identify the tools and strategies to succeed in reaching your highest potential in your personal and professional life.


-  Discovering meaning and purpose  

-  Aligning actions with your values

-  Finding more joy and less stress


What would it be like to live your dreams?

How can you carve out time for the things you love most in life?  



Connect with what is most important to you and what inspires you.  Gain insight into what holds you back and get into action!

Tel: (781) 715-7729       Email: [email protected]

Leadership & Team Development

-  Leadership assessments

-  Program design/delivery

-  Human resources consulting


How can you successfully identify, grow and retain talent?

Do you need a strategy to guide your organization through change?



I work with leaders to design solutions to a variety of leadership development and human resources challenges.

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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."                            Jimmy Dean

                                                         Individual Coaching

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