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Coaching is not just about listening. It's a proven process, backed by scientific research, of helping people make significant changes in their lives.  


If you wish you had more fulfillment, balance, purpose or excitement in your life, need help with a personal or career transition, or just want to get unstuck, coaching might be just the vehicle you need.


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Whether you are interested in coaching, in partnering with me to tackle your toughest organizational issues, or in helping you engage and develop your leaders, you will benefit from my experience, broad perspective and insight.


My professional background and life experience enable me to quickly get to the root of issues and help my clients develop actionable plans to achieve more than they dreamed possible ... and have fun too!




I am a dynamic, results-oriented professional with over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, Leadership Development and Coaching with a Fortune 50 company.


Working as a Human Resources Executive in a complex, global company, I discovered my passion for helping people and organizations find a sense of purpose and reach for the stars. Now, as a certified coach and HR consultant, I can dedicate my full energies to you and your growth.



Tel: (781) 715-7729       Email: [email protected]

Live on Purpose

What if you could live a more joyful and energetic life ... one that is authentic and is aligned with your deepest values?


What if you were more confident in your choices and could step fully into your power?


What if you gave yourself permission to design your own life?